In today's modern, and fast moving world, the only thing constant is change.

The types of projects companies are undertaking, technology, ways of working ... these are just a few of the elements that continue to evolve, and with it, your ability to adapt or become obsolete.

Whilst these changes can be exciting and provide you variety in your everyday experience, they can also be overwhelming.

In a world where people are constantly 'on' and always 'work alert', stress is inevitable and on the increase. Lots of people experience stress on a daily basis, and whilst a little might help you perform better (like when you have to get that report out the door in the next 2 hours), prolonged periods of stress are dangerous.

When it goes on for too long, stress can contribute to the development of anxiety or depression, and can increase your risk of injury, fatigue and burnout.

Below is a list of ways to identify if you are suffering from stress.


1. Concentration difficulties

2. Fatigue

3. Social isolation or withdrawal from peers, family or friends

4. Irritable and argumentative behaviour

5. Alcohol or drug use

6. Indifference and reduced work performance

7. Change in appetite, e.g. eating more or less

8. Taking more sick days off

9. Changes in sleeping patterns

10. Sadness, depression or anxiety

11. Suffering from headaches, dizziness, aches or other physical symptoms


I know that whilst it may not be pleasant, awareness is the first step in remedying your situation.

Additionally, whilst stress is inevitable, you can choose to let it take control over you, or you can control it. Now that you know the symptoms of stress, you might have more awareness around what might be causing it.

And if you know what in your environment might be causing it, you'll know what needs to be fixed. 

Beating stress doesn't need to be hard. If anything, there are a few simple changes you can make that will result in you having far more positive energy as opposed to the sinking and pressurized feeling that comes along with stress.


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