I’m a bit of a martial arts fan.

Since my childhood I’ve loved watching martial art movies and series for their high energy actions scenes and display of human potential defying what many might think possible.

So whilst browsing Netflix recently, I recently came across Kingdom.

It stars Frank Grillo (who’s also joined the Billions cast, another series to analyze for next time) who plays Alvi Kulina, a retired legendary MMA Gym Owner, that lives a fairly dysfunctional lifestyle.

A part from the challenges he has running a financially sustainable gym, managing one of his drug addicted son’s and trying to find his next prize fighter, he is involved in training his fighters daily.

In one training scene, Alvi is watching his fighter and training partner go through various techniques.

His fighter gets caught in a strangle hold and can’t seem to get his head free and is about to lose consciousness, when Alvi then says…

“For every move, there’s a counter move”

I can’t tell you how much I love that!

It’s brilliant and so true.

Nowadays, in and outside of work, there can be many situations where you feel like you stuck or trapped.

It’s easy to then feel stressed, or anxious or something else which doesn’t help you move forward and get what you need to get done, done!

Part of the solution lies in recognising when that is happening to you, and to lean into it to push forward instead of retreating backwards.

Always remember, that for every challenging situation, thought or emotion that you might encounter, there’s a counter that’s just around the corner.



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