It was one day in university, when one of my friends who was a serial weekend partier said a phrase I’ll never forget.

Before I tell you what it was, we have to go back to the beginning of when I started going to university. I remember lots of of my friends started going out clubbing. Many of their reasons were that it was a way to make up for ‘boring’ week of learning. It was an escape. Something to make them happy to replace the dull experiences they felt when studying.

Come Friday night, they used to go to the clubs, get drunk and arrive back home in the early morning. This would be repeated on Saturday and for the daring, even on Sunday, despite returning back to the grind on Monday.

I remember I was in the library one morning, and saw the serial partier and they said the following phrase, which I’ll never forget:

“I just live for the weekends.”

The reason why?

They didn’t enjoy what their Monday to Friday looked like, in terms of the work/study/activities they did.

Needless to say, many of my colleagues, friends and clients say similar things even now, whilst working in their current jobs.

Later on when I was working in the Consulting industry, this is something I continued to see and I even fell into that trap for a short while. Stressful weekdays that made people want to forget their worries with a drinking session starting Friday night and cramming as much as possible into the weekend to ‘make up’ for the previous week’s dullness, and to help them 'survive' the week ahead.

Here’s the problem.

By wanting to live for the ‘weekend' what you are doing is living in the future. That means you're just looking for the thing that's always over that horizon and what this creates is an illusion that something is always out of your grasp. For example, you may be thinking that Monday to Friday is a 'necessary evil' and it's that part of the week you don't like and the weekend is the only reprise. Until it’s arrived, you’re not happy.

So instead of living just for 2 days (~30% of your week) and not enjoying the other 5 (the other ~70% of your week), what you can do is look at what you want to actually do during the week and try to make that as enjoyable as possible.

Identify what could make your week more fun/enjoyable and then design more activities that actually allow you to experience those things more often.

For me personally, when I noticed myself not enjoying the bulk of my week, and just ‘living for the weekend’, I knew things needed to change and so I made some conscious choices. I started with:

  • Identifying the experiences I wanted more of and what I could practically fit in to make things more enjoyable for myself. As examples I did more self learning on topics that were of interest to me which made me feel like I was growing and kept me engaged.
  • Doing more side projects that I wanted to do that fueled my enjoyment (naturally this meant to find the time to do this I creatively found ways to get my work done faster).
  • Having more quality conversations and building relationships with my colleagues at work which made me personally really happy (and also paid off when I needed to reach out for help later on!)
  • Making conscious choices to break up my day and do a little bit of what I wanted for eg. taking a quick walk through the city, having a coffee catch-up, or just de-digitalising (like that term?) from my computer or phone for 5 minutes outside of the building.

In summary, to make your week more enjoyable want you can do is to:

  1. Look at how much of your week you're either frustrated or unhappy with
  2. Identify the specific issues
  3. Identify what you can do to make things better
  4. Create time in your diary to start addressing those issues and turning things around

To your success,



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  • Simran Kaur

    Enjoyed reading this 🙂

  • Amardeep Gill

    Thanks Simran, it’s so easy to start having more fun at work, as it’s all in our control 🙂

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