2019 was the probably my biggest year of achievements, personal transformation and lessons learnt to date!

I had ups and and downs throughout the year and I wanted to share with you 9 lessons I learnt from 2019 on Mindset, Performance and Wellness.

Here we go


#1: The story you tell yourself becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy. We each have multiple stories we tell ourselves that have shaped the way we are today. Those stories become beliefs which guide your habits, behaviours, actions and ultimately your life and business outcomes. Some stories work, others don't. If you don't like how something is, you can change it. You don't need to be doomed to experience hardship because of a story you created for yourself ages ago.

#2: Growth mindsets propel you forward. There's been a lot shared in 2019 about Growth vs Scarcity mindsets, so I won't bore you. The key lesson I learnt last year was leaning into the unknown. REALLY LEANING IN! Sure, it's not easy to take a step into an area you have no or little knowledge about and it may even be scary. However you've been doing it all your life anyway. Remember going from Primary school to High school? You had to step out of our comfort zone. Now when you look back did you ever think you would be where you now all the way back then?

#3: Secret identities matter. A concept that was really reinforced last year for me was this concept of identity. Who you believe yourself to be determines the results you're going to get. Not only did my clients experience this firsthand but I leveled up my own identity as well. Think of Superman or Wonder Woman. They are respectively Clark Kent and Princess Diana when they're not super heroes. When they put on their costumes or say specific superhero phrases, they become the best version of themselves and that allows them to achieve extraordinary things. There are a lot of ways you can level up your identity to achieve bigger and better things and I'll be sharing a lot more on this in future posts.


#4: Summoning peak energy states is critical. If you've got a goal or something you want to achieve, you need to be able to get into an energetic state to fuel your actions. By not doing so, you leave yourself open to sub-optimal results or worse yet, procrastinating as you have no energy or momentum to drive you towards your goals. Summoning energy is simple when you know how.

#5: Progress happens in key micro decisions. You've heard it before, we all have 24 hours in a day but why are some more successful than others? Mindset is one thing, however the ability to take action is number one thing that seperates those that reach their goals from those who don't. Funnily enough, the decision to take action or to procrastinate is like a fork in a road. We have thousands of these 'forks' presented to us each day, each minute, each second. The ability to make the best choice in these 'micro-decisions' determine what and how much you'll achieve.

#6: Know what success looks like before you start. A key reason why many procrastinate is because they would rather be safe knowing what they currently know, which is everything in their comfort zone. Naturally a new goal lies outside of the comfort zone, therefore in the realm of what you DON'T YET know. Having an idea of what success will be will allow you to take action with less resistance. The more clarity you have, the more you can focus.


#7: It only takes 2 minutes to completely rest and refresh. In all honestly, I think I do this amazingly I am also so surprised when I see people rush around like headless chickens when approaching their work. It's not helping you. The more stressed you are, the more your cognitive function declines, ie. you're less productive. Take 2 mins every hour (it should actually be 8 mins, but let's start small first) to relax. Meditate, breath, listen to some calming music. There's a variety of things you can do which will allow you to discharge all the chaos and return order to your being.

#8: Monitor your internal dialogue. Similar to the story you tell yourself, we need to be super careful of the words running through our head. Approximately 2/3 of our thoughts are wired to look for negatives. If you've done my free training, you'll know why that's bad, especially when in pursuit of our goals. The more negative words we use, the more we risk feeling negative. Those negative thoughts and words will create negative feelings, hence that'll impact your wellbeing for the worse.

#9: Raise your emotional intelligence. This is a massive topic in itself however being aware of how you're feeling, the resourceful and unresourceful is key. You can't feel positive all of the time, there are naturally going to be instances in which situations and people say or do something that will cause a reaction within you. The beautiful thing is that you can change how you react emotionally to these things, and the first thing to do is start being aware of how you process your perceptions and emotions.

I'd love to hear back on what you found useful or some lessons you learnt in 2019.

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  • Stanley Ship

    HI, Amardeep, Thanks for sharing your 9 mindsets lessons! Personally I like number 3 and 8. I’ve never heard of the secret Identity one before! It’s so cool. Also number 8, like a constant reminder, I always do self-reflection and when doing it, I assess my internal dialogue that I have in certain time of the day. One lesson I learn last year was to know how to prioritize things in business and constantly review progress. 😁

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